Do you have what it takes to be a

Project Management VA?

We need somebody who can:

  • Plan, monitor, control, execute and take accountability for an entire project
  • Manage all communication and coordination with team members
  • Create project timelines, long and short-term plans, goals and milestones, resource allocation
  • Set, track, and meet project deadlines -Adjust schedules, budgets and targets on the project when needed
  • Communicate with the stakeholders to ensure that the project is aligned with their goals
  • Assist in defining the scope and goals of a project
  • Identify and manage potential risks and liabilities of projects and develop risk mitigating strategies
  • Effectively delegate tasks to the right team members who are fit to complete them
  • Resolve problems on the project by identifying and analyzing an issue or situation, thinking of solutions and making the most effective decisions from the options presented
  • Serve as a liaison for the teams under the same project to ensure that team actions remain in synergy
  • Conduct quality control on the project throughout development to be certain that the standards expected are maintained
  • Manage, monitor and motivate people involved in the project to make sure that the tasks are completed on time

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