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General Admin VA

General Admin VA roles and responsibilities include providing administrative support necessary to keep the business organized. If you can do research, write and edit business correspondences, make and receive occasional phone calls, create basic reports, do basic bookkeeping, respond to emails, make travel arrangements, schedule appointments, and other administrative tasks, this is for you!

Customer Support VA

Customer Support VAs help enhance the overall client experience through chat, email support and other similar tasks. If you can resolve product or service problems, respond to customer inquiries, influence potential customers to become consumers, maintain customer records and do basic administrative tasks, this is for you!

Executive Virtual Assistant

An Executive Assistant requires a higher degree of professional skill. Thus, this is not an entry level position. As an Executive Assistant you may do a broad variety of administrative tasks similar to an Admin Assistant, but you are expected to take a leadership role and manage much more. You are the primary point of contact on all matters pertaining to the client, you are responsible for determining and deciding the appropriate course of action, referral, or response.  If you can take ownership and oversee projects, determine problems, make decisions, and come up with solutions, handle sensitive matters with a high level of confidentiality, this is for you!

Marketing Support VA

Marketing Support VAs mainly assist in tasks with the goal of promoting an idea, brand, service or product. If you can do research, create marketing contents, assist in promotional campaigns and social media posting, build customer relationships, maintain customer databases, and do other basic administrative tasks, this is for you!

Project Management VA

Project Management Support VAs are responsible for ensuring that a project runs smoothly from start to finish. If you can take the lead to plan, execute, oversee and manage an entire project, determine and resolve problems, conduct quality control on the project, manage and communicate with stakeholders and ensure accountability within the project members, set goals, budgets, and timelines, this is for you!

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